Meeting Archive

Meeting Videos Archive: Meeting videos are available exclusively to AAS members for six months following the meeting, after which they're open to viewing by nonmembers and the public. 

AASTCS 9: Exoplanets IV

1–6 May 2022

AASTCS 9: Exoplanets IV was held 1-6 May 2022 and covered areas of exoplanet science. It took place in the M Resort at the south end of the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard.

53rd Annual DDA Meeting

25–28 April 2022

The 53rd meeting of the Division on Dynamical Astronomy was held in New York, 25 – 28 April 2022.

53rd DPS Meeting

3–8 October 2021

The 53rd meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) was held virtually, 8-13 October 2021.