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AAS Resolutions related to research, education, society and astronomy as a profession.

06 May 2016 - Governance

AAS Council resolutions related to research, education, society, and astronomy as a profession but whose period of relevance has passed.

06 May 2016 - Governance

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19 Aug 2016 - Governance

September 7, 2010

The purpose of this document is to describe and prioritize the Society’s activities, including the work of the Executive Office and the Society governance.

The goals and priorities will be regularly reviewed and updated by Council.

11 Aug 2016 - Governance

The governing documents of the American Astronomical Society.

06 May 2016 - Governance

General sources of information on light pollution, radio interference, and space debris.

14 Sep 2016 - Light

The mission of the American Astronomical Society is to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the Universe.

06 May 2016 - Governance

Lists all officers and councilors that have served since the AAS was founded in 1899.

16 Jun 2016 - Governance

The Council is the governing body of the AAS and is responsible for the management, direction and control of the affairs and the property of the AAS. The official record of Council actions and resolutions is kept in the AAS Secretary's Office.

16 Jun 2016 - Membership, Governance