Deferred Gifts

Thank you for considering naming the American Astronomical Society as a primary or contingent beneficiary of your retirement or other financial account. We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and vision. The AAS is happy to accept contributions in this way, but before taking any action, you should consult with your tax or financial advisor, as the AAS cannot provide specific advice or guidance to you in financial matters.

  • A gift of retirement plan assets helps you avoid a federal income tax and a potential federal estate tax.
  • A gift through a will is not subject to federal estate taxes and therefore reduces the tax burden of an estate.
  • A gift through a trust provides income-tax benefits while maintaining provision for your heirs.
  • Authors of books or articles who receive payment for their work may opt to donate the proceeds directly to the Society, avoiding tax in some cases.
  • Owners of patents or other money-producing intellectual property can arrange to pass the ownership of said patents, or merely direct license or other payments connected to the patents, to the Society. The Research Corporation for Science Advancement is one example of a non-profit becoming a long-term beneficiary of such a contribution of intellectual property.