The AAS helps its members to develop their skills in the fields of education and public outreach at all levels.

The AAS Astronomy Ambassadors Program

The American Astronomical Society (AAS), in partnership with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), members of the Center for Astronomy Education (CAE), and other organizations active in science education and public outreach (EPO), is creating a new program for young astronomers just starting their careers. The project involves a series of professional-development workshops and a community of practice designed to help improve participants’ communication skills and effectiveness in doing outreach to students and the public. Called Astronomy Ambassadors, this new program will provide mentoring and training experiences for new members of our profession, from advanced undergraduates to postdocs and new faculty, providing access to resources and a network of contacts within the astronomy EPO community.

Roster of AAS Astronomy Ambassadors

AAS Astronomy Ambassadors workshops were developed and are conducted in partnership with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Pacific Science Center. If you're looking for an astronomer to conduct hands-on science-education activities for students, teachers, families, or other groups, we recommend getting in touch with the nearest AAS Astronomy Ambassador!

AAS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education

At the January 2017 AAS meeting in Texas, the AAS Council (now the AAS Board of Trustees) approved the creation of a Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education, which has now published its final report.

AAS-EPD Mini-Grant Program

Proposals are invited from US-based AAS members for small grants to provide education-related mentoring and professional-development experiences for fellow members. 

Professional Development Opportunities

The AAS hosts and supports professional development programs for wherever you are in your career. Attend our meetings and events and learn how to be the best candidate for the job when it’s time to apply; receive tailored career advice; build your skill set with workshops on science communication, astrostatistics, leadership, and more.

Local Student EPO Event at AAS 235


Gina Brissenden, Education & Outreach Coordinator
Gina Brissenden
Education and Outreach Coordinator
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