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We honor the memory of our departed colleagues. The Historical Astronomy Division commissions and compiles obituaries for deceased AAS members and depends on you, our members, for help writing them.

The Society is saddened to learn of the passing of member Giorgio Palumbo, who died on 19 June 2018. If you would like to write Dr. Palumbo’s obituary, please contact the Vice-Chair of the Historical Astronomy Division.

If you'll be in Austria for the IAU General Assembly, you're invited to a workshop on solutions to light pollution and radio interference to be held on 24 and 26 August at Vienna's Kuffner Observatory.

"Regular order" continues (for now) as the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved its version of legislation setting federal spending levels for fiscal year (FY) 2019.

Hundreds of snapshots from the June 2018 AAS meeting in Denver, Colorado, have been posted in our online gallery.

Nominations for most AAS prizes and awards for 2019 are due in the Secretary's office by 30 June 2018. As has been true for several years now, these prizes and awards are open to self-nominations.