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233rd AAS Meeting

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Newly installed President Megan Donahue reflects on what made the 232nd AAS meeting in June so special.

Kevin Marvel

Executive Officer Kevin Marvel suggests that if we stay connected with what's going on in the sky, we can more effectively share our excitement and enthusiasm for astronomy with the public.

Recent Posts

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory invites all interested US scientists to participate in the development of exemplar Key Science Programs for the Giant Magellan Telescope and Thirty Meter Telescope.

The Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group is soliciting members of the astronomy community to study the future of multi-wavelength astronomy from space. Respond by 10 August 2018 if interested.

In this column from the AAS Historical Astronomy Division, we focus on Henrietta Swan Leavitt who discovered the relation between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid variable stars.

The International Astronomical Union has joined a study on how to reduce the gap between men and women in the natural sciences and related disciplines. Please take their survey by 31 October.

The AAS and the American Geophysical Union have received a grant from The Kavli Foundation to advance exoplanet science through special sessions at both societies’ meetings and other activities.

Join an online hangout on Thursday, 12 July, at 3:00 pm ET to learn about to learn about how new X-ray observations of Eta Carinae, an exploding star system, show cosmic rays coming from colliding gas in the system.