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Why Public Policy Is Important

Public policy is a catchall phrase that includes actions of and interactions with both Congress and the Executive branch.

The government has other impacts on astronomy beyond providing funds for research and research facilities. Policies on education, such as stipend levels allowed under research grants, or student loan tax credits are set by the government. Policies regarding land use can have an obvious impact on astronomy. The possibilities for both good and bad actions by government at all levels are tremendous.

The Society’s Role in Public Policy

Enhancing and sharing humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe doesn’t come automatically. The AAS works hard to write resolutions, policy statements, and sign-on letters that ensure research-based policies are amplified and accepted on a national scale. These ventures are based on our documented policy positions.

Keep Informed

Our policy blog keeps you informed on all AAS policy initiatives and updates.

Anyone Can Get Involved

Are you passionate about the future of astronomical research? Consider getting involved in our advocacy efforts and make your voice heard!

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Joel Parriott
Joel Parriott
Director of Public Policy
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Julie Davis
John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
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Policy Talks

Interested in hearing about science policy from your AAS Executive Office staff? The AAS will share expenses for a member of our policy staff to come out for a colloquium or more informal talk about science policy and our AAS advocacy efforts.