52nd DDA Meeting


DDA 2021
52nd Annual Meeting of the Division for Dynamical Astronomy
Virtually Anywhere
17 – 21 May 2021

Join us 17-21 May 2021

The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Division on Dynamical Astronomy will be held virtually, building on last year’s success with improvements suggested by the membership. We look forward to seeing you there!

Abstract Submission is Now Closed
Each presenter may contribute one abstract for an oral or poster presentation with a scheduled time for synchronous discussion. Talks will be pre-recorded. New this year, synchronous sessions will include 1-2 minute summaries by the presenters.  

Each presenter may optionally contribute a second abstract for an “asynchronous” poster. All contributions will be discussed on Slack, where interactions were vibrant at last year’s meeting. 

Registration will remain open until the close of the meeting (21 May 2021). Pre-recorded talks will be available on the registrants-only meeting platform beginning May 10th. We suggest that you register before May 4 for the best meeting experience! Registration rates are $45 for students (regardless of DDA membership), $130 for DDA members, and $175 for non-DDA members.

Featured Speakers

DDA52 Speakers

Jacqueline Faherty: 2020 Vera Rubin Early Career Prize winner

Lennart Lindegren: 2020 Dirk Brouwer Career Award winner 


Gaia Movie 

Caption: The Sun as represented by a SOHO image is scaled up and seen from just outside the solar system. The 200pc Gaia DR2 sample of stars is brightened and then time is rapidly moved forward at 25,000 years per second. Credit: J. Faherty

Special Sessions

In honor of the 2020 Rubin and Brouwer prize winners, the meeting will host two special science sessions highlighting dynamical results from Gaia: How Gaia reveals the Galaxy’s secrets: results local to the Sun and How Gaia reveals the Galaxy’s secrets: results on the Galactic scale. Contributed talks on any Gaia dynamics-related results are solicited for these sessions. 

The meeting will also host two special Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) sessions:

  1. A featured expert DEI speaker will join us, and the meeting will host a workshop designed to identify DEI priorities of the DDA membership for action in the coming year. Details will be announced when finalized.
  2. A call for contributed talks or posters on Strategies to make graduate programs more inclusive: admissions, bridge programs, and the graduate school experience. Each participant may contribute an abstract for this session in addition to the allowed science abstracts. We emphasize that presenters in this category need not consider themselves experts in this area and short presentations designed to spark discussion are encouraged.  

In addition to the scientific program, several mentoringnetworking, and social events are in the works. We hope that you join us, and we look forward to learning about your recent dynamical results!

Scientific Organizing Committee
Ruth Murray-Clay (Chair)
Smadar Naoz

Banner image: The Earth as seen from several thousands of miles away with the ESA Gaia DR2 radial velocity sample brightened. Stars are colored by their Gaia (G-Rp) color where redder sources are cooler than lighter sources. Credit: J. Faherty