Other AAS Publications

In addition to our journals, Sky & Telescope magazine, Willmann-Bell books, and our ebooks, the AAS, some of its Divisions, and some of its committees publish newsletters in print and/or electronically.

Action Alerts
Action Alerts are email notifications sent directly to the membership asking for some kind of action on their part. Alerts have proven to be very effective in influencing public-policy decisions. 

Annual Report
A summary of AAS activities is published each summer.

Astronomy Education Review
AER was a Web-based journal for everyone who works in astronomy and space-science education. AER ceased publishing in 2013, but its archive remains available on Portico, and former editor Andrew Fraknoi has posted a subject index to AER.

Wall Calendar
The AAS maintains an online calendar and distributes a printed Wall Calendar. The online calendar includes important dates, such as proposal and grant deadlines and astronomical meetings. The printed calendar includes important dates and AAS sponsored meetings.

Membership Directory
The AAS maintains an online directory and distributes a printed Membership Directory to facilitate member interaction.

Job Register
The AAS Job Register is recognized worldwide as the best source of astronomy jobs.

The AAS Newsletter was published first in print, then in PDF, until 2013; some back issues are available online. Content that used to go into the newsletter now appears on our website and in the AAS News Digest, emailed to all members every other week.

Spark is the AAS education newsletter. It consists primarily of original articles about or related to the education programs and activities of the AAS Society and its members.

Spectrum is the semiannual newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy.

Status is the semiannual newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy.