211th meeting


211th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Austin, TX
7 – 11 January 2008

The 211th AAS meeting was held 7-11 January 2008 in Austin, TX.

The 211th AAS meeting was held 7-11 January 2008 in Austin, TX.

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Invited Sessions

  • 02: The Search for Extrasolar Earths
  • 27: Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  • 38: New Horizons at Jupiter
  • 39: Exoplanets: Interiors, Atmospheres, and the Search for Habitable Worlds
  • 40: LeRoy E. Doggett Prize Lecture for Historical Astronomy: Astronomy and its History on the National Mall
  • 41: AIP Andrew Gemant Award Lecture: Astronomy and Popular Culture
  • 43: Micro-Arcsecond Astrometry with the VLBA
  • 74: Henry Norris Russell Prize Lectureship: A Half-Century of Spectroscopic Astrophysics
  • 86: Astronomy and Astrophysics 2010: A New Survey of the Field
  • 87: Cultural Prospectives on the New Astronomy
  • 88: Evolution of Disk Galaxies
  • 117: Heineman Prize: Star Formation in the Cosmological Context
  • 128: Emerging Principles on Galaxy Formation
  • 129: Bruno Rossi Prize Lecture: GRB Discoveries with the Swift
  • 130: Star Formation Histories in the Andromeda Galaxy
  • 149: Searching for the Secrets of Massive Star Birth