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DPS 50

Join us at the Knoxville Convention Center, TN

Update: The Hilton Knoxville is currently sold out for all nights. There are a limited number of rooms with a king bed available at the Crowne Plaza, at the group rate of $160.00 plus taxes. Please contact Jamie Julius, the reservation manager, at 865-522-2600 x 2330, to book your room directly..

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Featured Speakers & Prizewinners

Fran Bagenal
University of Colorado,

Carolyn Brinkworth
National Center for
Atmospheric Research

Bonnie J. Buratti
Carl Sagan Medal

Clark Chapman
Southwest Research Institute

Anita Cochran
University of Texas,

Dale Cruikshank
Ames Research Center

Courtney Dressing
University of California,

Francesca DeMeo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harold C. Urey Prize

Jennifer Eigenbrode
Goddard Space Flight Center

Julio Fernández
Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Gerard P. Kuiper Prize

André Izidoro
São Paulo State University

Thomas Kruijer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tom McCord
The Bear Fight Institute

David Morrison
Ames Research Center

Carle Pieters
Brown University

Faith Vilas
National Science Foundation
Harold Masursky Award

Alexandra Witze
Freelance Journalist
Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award

Hikaru Yabuta
Hiroshima University

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