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From time to time, the American Astronomical Society (AAS), as part of its policy activities, joins with its peers to send letters to policymakers.1

Advocacy Coalitions

The AAS is currently a member organization with the Task Force on American Innovation (TFAI), the Energy Sciences Coalition (ESC), the Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF), the Physical Sciences Education Policy Coalition (PSEPC), the Coalition for Aerospace and Science (CAS), the U.S. Coalition for the Advancement of Supercomputing (USCAS), and a coalition of scholarly publications (GATF). 

Most of the Society's joint advocacy work is done in the context of the above coalitions, which send letters to policymakers and issue statements about policy issues. The AAS is often, but not always, listed as a signatory or on the letterhead of these documents. Decisions about whether or not to sign on to these documents lie with the AAS Committee on Astronomy and Public Policy (CAPP), in consultation with the AAS Public Policy staff, and is governed by the CAPP's mission, guiding principles, and strategic plan.

Letters from 2016

Letters from 2015

Letters from Previous Years

1This list is a work in progress as of 8 December 2014 and may not reflect all letters the AAS has joined in previous years.