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If you earned your PhD between 2004 and 2014 from any institution worldwide and have ever studied, worked, or trained in the United States, you are invited to participate in a new study of PhD employment.

14 Apr 2015

Astro Hack Week is an "unconference" focused on astrostatistics and data-intensive astronomy. It will have material and activities appropriate for scientists at all levels from senior undergraduates to faculty.

13 Apr 2015

Come to this meeting, 17-19 June 2015 at Vanderbilt University, to help define recommendations and actions that will make the astronomical community more diverse and inclusive.

09 Apr 2015

What’s the best way to deal with the English language’s lack of a gender-neutral singular pronoun? As any grammarian can tell you, the answer has changed over the years. Just ask him/her/them!

09 Apr 2015

In mid-March college student Ashley Tucker joined more than a dozen other AAS members in Washington, DC, for Congressional Visits Day 2015. Here are her thoughts on what she learned from the experience.

09 Apr 2015

To apply, or not to apply ― that is the question every time a funding opportunity arises. To answer, two scientists set out to measure the cost-effectiveness of writing grant proposals. Here are their results.

08 Apr 2015

The nonprofit EnCorps STEM Teachers Program is recruiting professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math into new careers in education — currently in California, but eventually in other states too.

08 Apr 2015
Meg Urry

Our Society is at its best when talented, enthusiastic AAS members contribute to our mission to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe.

08 Apr 2015

With the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit looming in Indianapolis, the presidents of the AAS and American Geophysical Union have written Gov. Mike Pence to reaffirm our societies' commitment to welcoming all attendees.

03 Apr 2015

Everyone who belongs to the AAS receives the magazine Physics Today as a member benefit. The latest issue is now en route to subscribers' mailboxes and can be accessed online.

02 Apr 2015