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The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center and National Radio Astronomy Observatory invite you to register for their July 2015 summer-school programs in single-dish radio astronomy and interferometry.

25 Mar 2015

The University of Minnesota seeks new homes for three sets of transparencies and two sets of prints from various sky surveys, including the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS) I and II.

20 Mar 2015

This is where a short "teaser" for the blog entry goes; the CMS calls it a "summary." One or two pithy sentences should do the trick. The idea is to entice the reader to read the full article.

18 Mar 2015

Please contact your member of the House of Representatives this week to ask them to sign two bipartisan letters in support of the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.

16 Mar 2015

In early March 2015 scientists from 32 nations gathered in Fukuoka, Japan, to discuss instrumentation and techniques for advancing space-weather research and improving space-weather predictions.

16 Mar 2015

This international conference, 19-25 July in Quy Nhon, will bring together exoplanet and solar-system specialists to address major new observational projects and what we expect to learn over the next decade.

13 Mar 2015

The AAS Executive Committee is troubled by the lack of priority placed on scientific discovery in the president’s FY 2016 budget request, including a proposed 2% cut for the astronomical sciences.

12 Mar 2015

The fourth data release for the Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard is now online. DASCH provides images, astrometry, and photometry from the digitized Harvard plates for the period 1885 to 1992.

12 Mar 2015

In his Communication Breakdown blog, science writer Matt Shipman makes a strong case for why it's in scientists' best interest to work with the press to publicize their research findings.

11 Mar 2015

The American Physical Society and American Institute of Physics invite applications for a fellowship in the Office of Innovation and Improvement in the US Department of Education. Deadline: 5 April.

11 Mar 2015