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We honor the memory of our departed colleagues. The Historical Astronomy Division commissions and compiles obituaries for deceased AAS members and depends on you, our members, for help writing them.

20 May 2015

The 227th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society will be held in Kissimmee, Florida, 4-8 January 2016. The AAS now seeks proposals for Special Sessions, Town Halls, Workshops, and Splinter Meetings.

20 May 2015

The SETI Institute and NASA Astrobiology Institute are offering a limited number of travel grants for undergraduate and graduate students to attend the International Astronomical Union meeting in August.

19 May 2015

A new interactive resource for principal investigators and their institutional public information officers will help the National Science Foundation more effectively communicate the science it funds.

19 May 2015

Nominations for most AAS prizes and awards for 2016 are due in the Secretary's office by 30 June 2015. All these prizes and awards are now open to self-nominations, thanks to a recent change in the rules.

18 May 2015

Provided free to all members, the annual AAS Wall Calendar highlights important astronomical events month by month. The AAS is now seeking sponsors and key dates and deadlines for the 2016 edition.

12 May 2015

A new report from the American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center details the initial employment outcomes of astronomy bachelor's, master's, and PhDs from the classes of 2010-2012.

08 May 2015

Through WSF Live, audiences outside New York can experience the World Science Festival, 27-31 May, in their own communities. AAS members are invited to join the fun by hosting WSF Live events.

07 May 2015

The AAS Historical Astronomy Division wants to interview astronomers at all career stages, from all over the world, at the International Astronomical Union General Assembly in Hawaii this August.

06 May 2015

The US Departments of State and Commerce recently proposed changes to export control regulations covering optical equipment. Learn more at a 12 May webinar, and submit your comments by 6 July.

06 May 2015