4 January 2022

DIVA+ High Contrast Imaging Community Survey

Hervé Le Coroller
Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille

Direct Imaging Virtual Archive

The goal of the Direct Imaging Virtual Archive (DIVA) database is to distribute reduced high contrast imaging data from several published exoplanet surveys (VLT-SPHERE / Naco, HST, Keck, etc.).

We would like to upgrade DIVA to DIVA+vin the coming year by including a growing number of exoplanet and disk direct imaging surveys in homogeneous format, and by offering dedicated tools (rich query access, V.O. access, orbital fitting, completeness analysis, combined with RVs, interferometry, etc.).

If you are interested in this kind of data, please fill out this anonymous survey.

We have designed this poll for both users and non-users of high-contrast imaging instruments (observers, modelers, and theoreticians). Your answers to this survey will allow us to improve our services and implement new functionalities based on your real needs. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

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