Inside Sky & Telescope's January 2021 Issue

22 Jun 2020
Find out what's in the January 2021 issue of Sky & Telescope, including our annual Skygazer's Almanac and three new columns: Evenings with the Stars, Suburban Stargazer, and Pro-Am Conjunction.

AAS Message on Arecibo

3 Dec 2020
Arecibo Observatory's iconic 305-meter radio/radar telescope collapsed this week — a devastating loss for the scientific community and the people of Puerto Rico.

Information about Executive Order 13950

24 Nov 2020
An executive order issued on 22 Sep. to prevent and punish diversity training for federal agencies, federal contractors, and federal grant recipients is expected to be rescinded during the incoming Biden administration.

SkyWatch 2021 Is Here!

23 Nov 2020
Sky & Telescope's annual issue has arrived! SkyWatch is not only a great skygazing preview of the coming year but also a thoughtful gift for the budding astronomy enthusiast among your family and friends.