AAS Press Releases

Recent press releases issued by the American Astronomical Society. (If you're looking for press releases from other organizations, see Astronomy in the News.)

AAS Names Recipients of 2020 Awards & Prizes

21 Jan 2020
The American Astronomical Society has named the recipients of its 2020 prizes for outstanding achievements in scientific research, education, scholarly writing, and service to the astronomical community.

EHT's Shep Doeleman to Receive 2020 Berkeley Prize

25 Jul 2019
Sheperd S. Doeleman (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian) is being honored with the 2020 Berkeley prize for his scientific contributions to, and his leadership of, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project...

American Astronomical Society to Acquire Sky & Telescope

18 Jun 2019
The AAS has agreed to acquire Sky & Telescope (S&T) magazine and its related business assets, including skyandtelescope.com, SkyWatch, digital editions, astronomy-themed tours, and S&T-branded books, sky atlases, globes,...

Bulletin of the AAS Publishes Astro2020 White Papers

6 Jun 2019
What are the big topics in astronomy research that we’ll be working to address in the next decade? Astronomers have a pretty good guess, and they’ve shared what they think in a series of white papers that are part of the...

Astronomers Make a Case for Science on Capitol Hill

14 Mar 2019
Fifteen astronomers and planetary scientists from the American Astronomical Society visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, to advocate for strong, sustained federal support of astronomy, planetary science, and...

AAS Names Recipients of 2019 Awards & Honors

8 Jan 2019
At its 233rd semiannual meeting in Seattle, Washington, AAS President Megan Donahue announced the recipients of the Society's 2019 prizes for outstanding achievements in scientific research, instrument development, and...

WorldWide Telescope Visualization Tracks New Horizons

24 Oct 2018
The AAS has created a visualization of the voyage of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and beyond using the WorldWide Telescope “Universe Information System." It looks ahead to the New Year’s Eve/Day 2019 flyby of...