"The Universe in the Classroom" Newsletter Archives

6 Sep 2023
Guest author Andrew Fraknoi writes about "The Universe in the Classroom," an astronomy education newsletter published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The first 95 issues of the newsletter are now available...

Update to the AAS Code of Ethics

7 Sep 2023
The Board of Trustees has recently revised the AAS Code of Ethics to address the topic of harassment and bullying in a professional setting.

Final Arecibo Observatory Newsletter

1 Sep 2023
Science operations at the Arecibo Observatory ceased as of August 14th 2023. Read the final newsletter shared with the Arecibo science community.

SGMA September Meetup

23 Aug 2023
The AAS Committee for Sexual-Orientation and Gender Minorities in Astronomy (SGMA) invites participants for our 13 September 2023 virtual meetup event.

The 2023 Stellafane Convention

23 Aug 2023
The Convention was started in 1926 to give amateur telescope makers an opportunity to gather to show off their creations and teach each other telescope-making and mirror-grinding techniques.