13 December 2023

Astronomy Departments Are Invited to Use Equitable Evaluation Rubric Checklist

Tom Rice

Tom Rice American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) and the American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Members of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) who are involved in admissions, hiring, or review are invited to use a new research-backed toolkit designed to help departments create equitable review processes. The use of rubrics can help to create more equitable admissions processes, but it can be difficult to know how to design and implement them to be effective. As such, we hope that this tool can be useful for departments and programs who are adopting evaluation rubrics in their admissions processes, or who wish to self-assess their existing rubrics. We also hope that this research-based guide will be particularly timely as graduate programs will soon be gathering to review applications!

Download the Equitable Evaluation Rubric Checklist

This resource was produced by the Research Hub of the Inclusive Graduate Education Network, of which the AAS is a partner society.

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