17 January 2024

Sky & Telescope’s Great 2024 Eclipse Guide

Sky & Telescope Magazine Cover

The Great 2024 Eclipse is a 64-page, full-color illustrated guide to the 8 April 2024 total solar eclipse. Everything you, students, friends, and family need to prepare for this awe-inspiring event is at your fingertips in Sky & Telescope’s solar eclipse special issue, including:

  • Free Eclipse Glasses 
  • The How’s & Whys of Eclipses
  • Eclipse Safety
  • How to Photograph an Eclipse
  • City Timetables
  • Citizen Science Projects You Can Join

The issue also features a 10-page, in-depth preview of timings and weather predictions along the entire eclipse path — from Mexico through the US and Canada — by acclaimed eclipse experts Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson. It also includes a special, four-page pullout in the center that you can customize for your location, with an eclipse day checklist, an infographic on what to expect during the eclipse, and how to look for stars and planets during totality. Plus, resources, a look at future eclipses, and much more!

Visit the S&T web page to learn more and order copies.