16 February 2021

Black History Month 2021 Profiles

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of Blacks in US history. Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976 every US president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating Black history. Visit History.com (from which this introduction is adapted) to learn more.

A very special "thank you!" to Jarita Holbrook, Ashley L. Walker, and Kathryne Daniel who helped us recognize our Black members for #BlackHistoryMonth.

 — Crystal Tinch
AAS Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Here's a list of everyone featured:

Alphonse C Sterling

Alphonse C. Sterling: https://aas.org/BHM2021-sterling

Amy Steele

Amy Steele: https://aas.org/BHM2021-steele

Aomawa Shields

Aomawa Shields: https://aas.org/BHM2021-shields

Arianna Long

Arianna Long: https://aas.org/BHM2021-long

Ashley Walker

Ashley L. Walker: https://aas.org/BMH2021-walker

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: https://aas.org/BMH2021-prescod-weinstein

Christopher S. Moore

Christopher S. Moore: https://aas.org/BHM2021-moore

Dara Norman

Dara Norman: https://aas.org/BHM2021-norman

Eric M. Wilcots

Eric M. Wilcots: https://aas.org/BHM2021-wilcots

Erin Flowers

Erin Flowers: https://aas.org/BHM2021-flowers

Jason Best

Jason Best: https://aas.org/BHM2021-best

John Arban Lewis

John Arban Lewis: https://aas.org/BHM2021-lewis

Keduse Worku

Keduse Worku: https://aas.org/BHM2021-worku

Louise Edwards

Louise Edwards: https://aas.org/BHM2021-edwards

Lou Strolger

Louis-Gregory Strolger: https://aas.org/BHM2021-strolger

Lynne Quick

Lynnae C. Quick: https://aas.org/BHM2021-quick

Moiya McTier

Moiya McTier: https://aas.org/BHM2021-mctier

Olivia McAuley

Olivia McAuley: https://aas.org/BHM2021-McAuley

Shawn Brooks

Shawn Brooks: https://aas.org/BHM2021-brooks

Theron W. Carmichael

Theron W. Carmichael: https://aas.org/BHM2021-carmichael

William Jackson

William M. Jackson: https://aas.org/BMH2021-jackson