8 February 2021

Eric M. Wilcots

Eric Wilcots

Position/Title: Dean of the College of Letters & Science and Mary C Jacoby Professor of Astronomy

Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Scientific Interest: My research focuses on the interplay between the evolution of galaxies and their environment. I am particularly interested in the evolution and gas content of galaxy groups; particularly the role of the intragroup medium and the dynamical evolution of groups on driving the transformation of resident galaxies. My research team carries out this work primarily using a suite of radio interferometers. A related interest lies in understanding how the gas content of galaxies has evolved over cosmic time.


  • Named Dean of the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison effective 1 June 2020 
  • Served as the Associate Dean for Natural and Mathematical Sciences as well as Deputy Dean of the College
  • Chaired the Department of Astronomy at UW-Madison
  • Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1992–1995
  • Currently serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Associated Universities, Inc.