25 February 2021

Keduse Worku

Keduse Worku
"Growing up in Chicago, my captivation with the stars was more inspired by PBS programs than by the light-polluted night sky. Now, a career within astro feels tangible, and I’ve been able to pour myself into making it a reality thanks to the unyielding work of my Black predecessors. Thank you for all that you’ve done."

Position/Title: Undergraduate Junior

Affiliation: Yale University

Areas of Scientific Interest: Working with Professor Songhu Wang, I’ve completed a global fit of a planetary system with new radial-velocity (RV) and photometric data alongside available archived data, resulting in an AJ publication currently in review. For my senior thesis, Professor Greg Laughlin and I are expanding on this work by leveraging newly available ultrahigh-precision RV observations to characterize low-mass planets orbiting solar-type stars.


  • AAS 235 Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award – Honorable Mention