1 October 2021

Opportunities for AAS Members: The Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction

Kevin Watkins
American Institute of Physics

Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction

This post is adapted from an email from the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and American Physical Society (APS):

With the support of the American Physical Society and Carnegie Corporation, the Physicists Coalition for Nuclear Threat Reduction was established during Summer 2020 and is a growing national network of physical scientists and engineers who wish to advocate for steps to reduce the threat from nuclear weapons. The Coalition engages and informs the APS membership about nuclear weapons issues through colloquia and discussions at university physics departments, conferences, and national labs. It then guides organized advocacy, with scientists advocating as individual informed citizens. The Coalition wishes to extend that opportunity to all physical scientists and engineers within AIP member societies, including affiliate members.

Opportunity for AIP Member and Affiliate Societies
The Coalition is reaching out to other AIP member societies, requesting that they afford their membership the same opportunity to engage with this global problem, as has been offered to APS members. We expect that the interest of members of other AIP member societies will be similar to that of APS members, which has been substantial. Colloquia or presentations can be arranged, and information obtained, through the APS organizer for the Coalition, Charlotte Selton (selton@aps.org). General information can also be obtained from Stewart Prager (sprager@princeton.edu) of the Coalition leadership team.

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