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The abstract deadline for the Long Beach meeting is today at 9:00pm ET. You may have notice some slowness today because of the amount of traffic to the AAS website but it should be more responsive now. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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01 Oct 2012

You can pay your 2013 membership dues online through 31 December 2012. When you log in to your account to renew you will find many improved features. You can also add or delete journal subscriptions and divisions; and an individual subscription to the AAS' electronic journals is only US $25 beginning with this renewal period.

27 Sep 2012

The AAS has partnered with the NASA Federal Credit Union to offer a new member benefit. Members of the AAS may now join the NASA FCU.

25 Sep 2012

A housing pirate is an unauthorized housing provider that often claims a vague affiliation with a conference and offers reduced rates to attendees.

25 Sep 2012

There have always been data in the journals, in the form of tables and images. Much of the data that the journals handle is explicitly tabular, and is therefore easy to exchange and manage using the wide array of mature systems available to the community.

13 Sep 2012

The AAS journals now offers the option of publishing large sets of online-only figures in the electronic edition. For a recent example, see the Figure Set in the paper by Tommasin et al. in the The Astrophysical Journal.

13 Sep 2012

In partnership with the NASA Astronomical Data Service (ADS) and several NASA data centers, the AAS has a new project to allow authors to tag data sets from participating data centers in their papers using the AASTeX “\dataset” macro.Data sets tagged with the “\dataset

13 Sep 2012