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Agnes Kim recounts her experience going back on the job market for a faculty position at a non-PhD-granting institution. She offers an inside look at how to pursue a career in undergraduate education.

12 Apr 2013

The American Institute of Physics, the umbrella organization for 10 professional societies (including the AAS) and 24 affiliate societies, hosted its annual Assembly of Society Officers on 4 April to discuss important issues of common concern to our members.

09 Apr 2013

As a result of the new NASA policies to reduce spending on travel and conferences under the sequester, the planned NASA Astrophysics Roadmap Town Hall has been cancelled. Instead, the Roadmap team will invite authors of selected abstracts to present their ideas in a web-based meeting.

09 Apr 2013

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) created an online survey to obtain feedback from the research community on administrative burden.

09 Apr 2013

AAS President David Helfand describes a new program, based on the precinct-captain model of election campaigns, to improve communication between the Society and its members.

05 Apr 2013

The current deadline for submitting observing proposals to the National Solar Observatory is 15 May 2013 for the third quarter of 2013.

05 Apr 2013

The AAS honored Tom Gergely, who is retiring from the National Science Foundation after 27 years of service to the astronomical community and other disciplines that utilize radio spectrum to perform their research.

04 Apr 2013

In this column from the Committee on Employment, Jessica Kirkpatrick elaborates on the differences between academia and a career in data science.

03 Apr 2013

The American Astronomical Society and its six divisions (Planetary Science, High Energy Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Dynamical Astronomy, Historical Astronomy, and Laboratory Astrophysics) are deeply concerned about the impact of the Administration’s new conference travel restrictions on the scientific productivity and careers of researchers who are Federal employees and contractors.

27 Mar 2013

The Spring 2013 edition of the newsletter (Number 77) of the IAU Commission on Education and Development is available at the Commission 46 website.

25 Mar 2013