Cuts To NASA Science Funding

2 May 2005
The American Astronomical Society released a statement today (included in whole below and available at the AAS website decrying the recently announced cuts to NASA astrophysics funding.

Servicing Hubble Important For Astronomy

9 March 2005
Today the American Astronomical Society, the major professional organization for professional astronomy and space science researchers in the United States, released a policy statement on the servicing of the Hubble Space...

Pasadena Recommendations for Gender Equity in Astronomy

29 January 2005
The American Astronomical Society (AAS) has endorsed a new set of recommendations to improve the status of gender equity in astronomy. The recommendations, endorsed at the 205 th meeting of the Society in San Diego from...

Loss of Columbia Crew

3 February 2003
This morning, the President of the American Astronomical Society, Dr. Catherine A. Pilachowski, who holds the Kirkwood Chair in Astronomy at Indiana University Bloomington, sent the following letter of condolence to Mr....