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AAS Nova provides highlights of recent articles from AJ, ApJ, ApJ Letters, and ApJ Supplements to inform you about discoveries you might otherwise overlook.

17 May 2016

Donate to the AAS Initiative Endowment Fund to to secure the future of our vibrant and eclectic field of study.

16 May 2016

Through WSF Live, audiences outside New York can experience the World Science Festival 1-5 June, in their own communities. AAS members are invited to join the fun by hosting WSF Live events.

12 May 2016

The AAS Historical Astronomy Division wants to interview astronomers at all career stages at the 228th AAS meeting in San Diego, California, in June 2016. Please sign up to be interviewed!

11 May 2016

Join the Association for Women in Science and guest speakers Rosina Romano and Dr. Sherry Marts on Thursday, 12 May, at 12:00 pm ET for a webinar on proactive strategies for addressing harassment at meetings.

09 May 2016

The centerpiece of the proposed New Horizons Kuiper Belt Extended Mission is the very close flyby of a Kuiper Belt Object. Take part in the New Horizons September Science Team Meeting to learn more.

05 May 2016

Join this interactive online hangout 6 May at 3:00 pm ET to hear about how scientists are working to prevent life from Earth from contaminating future Mars missions, and to prevent bringing anything home to Earth.

04 May 2016

The AAS brought a few members to Washington, DC, to present their National Science Foundation-supported work on Capitol Hill.

04 May 2016

AAS President Meg Urry of Yale University and Timothy Heckman of Johns Hopkins University have joined 2,289 other researchers as active members of the US National Academy of Sciences.

03 May 2016

Abstract submissions are now being accepted for the joint Division for Planetary Sciences / European Planetary Science Congress meeting. Deadline: 23 June 2016

03 May 2016