14 November 2023

Arriving Soon: 2024 Membership Renewal Mailing

Diane Frendak

Diane Frendak American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Paper membership renewal reminders and dues invoices are in the mail and will arrive soon. Remember that timing is key to securing your discount on author charges in 2024. You must renew your membership on or before 31 December 2023 to get your one-time 15% discount on your share of the author charges for one paper published in the Astronomical Journal, the Astrophysical Journal family, or the Planetary Science Journal in 2024. Don’t miss out!

Not sure if you’ve already renewed? Log in at my.aas.org and look for your “Profile-at-a-Glance”. Annie Jump Cannon needs to renew for 2023!If your paid-through date is 31 December 2023 or earlier, then it’s time to renew. If you receive the mailing but you've already renewed for next year, please consider using the return envelope to make a donation during our Fall 2024 Campaign! There's an AAS and Division Funds brochure in your mailing.

If you need an invoice right away or need help logging into your member account, please contact the AAS membership team by email or phone at 202-328-2010. Thank you for your commitment to the astronomical sciences and your Society!