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A committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is requesting community input to carry out a study on the science strategy for the field of extrasolar planets.

15 Feb 2018

President-Elect Megan Donahue and Executive Officer Kevin Marvel are gravely concerned about the administration’s abrupt cancellation of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope.

14 Feb 2018

Sarbani Basu is receiving SPD's highest honor, the George Ellery Hale Prize, and Nicholeen Viall is receiving SPD's early-career award, the Karen Harvey Prize. Congrats to both!

14 Feb 2018

If you haven't renewed by Friday, 2 March, your AAS membership will be suspended and your member benefits cut off. Renewals after that date will incur a $10 late fee.

14 Feb 2018

AAS Nova provides highlights of recent articles from AJ, ApJ, ApJ Letters, and ApJ Supplements to inform you about discoveries you might otherwise overlook.

13 Feb 2018

...but two more years without a sequester as Congress votes to #RaisetheCaps.

12 Feb 2018

The National Science Foundation does not and will not tolerate sexual misconduct and has announced new steps to help eliminate such transgressions from science and engineering.

08 Feb 2018

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific recognizes individual achievements in astronomy research, technology, education, and public outreach each year. Nominations for 2018 are due on 1 March.

08 Feb 2018

Take a mind-blowing voyage to the most powerful and mysterious objects in the universe and then share the science of black holes with your students using educational resources from PBS and WGBH.

08 Feb 2018

Join the Association for Women in Science and the Society of Women Engineers for the annual "Diversity and Inclusion Fuels Innovation in STEM" Capitol Hill Days on 14-15 March. Register by 15 February.

07 Feb 2018