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The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech announces the availability of six-month graduate-student fellowships. Applications are due 30 August 2016.

20 Jun 2016

The Executive Office is moving 23-24 June, so there may be slight website disruptions or delays in our responses until we're settled in our new space. The AAS servers will be moved the preceding Sunday, 19 June, to avoid interrupting your use of the site on a weekday. Thank you in advance for our patience.

17 Jun 2016

Join this interactive online hangout on Friday, 17 June, at 3:00 pm ET to hear about the LISA Pathfinder mission, which seeks to demonstrate the technologies needed to build a space-based gravitational wave observatory.

15 Jun 2016

Join the Association for Women in Science on Wednesday, 15 June, at 12:00 pm ET for a webinar on the history of Title IX, plus the current requirements, challenges, and controversies surrounding the law.

15 Jun 2016

AAS Nova provides highlights of recent articles from AJ, ApJ, ApJ Letters, and ApJ Supplements to inform you about discoveries you might otherwise overlook.

15 Jun 2016

AAS Nova, a site that highlights results published in AAS journals, has been named Best Heath/Education News Site by the Drum Online Media Awards.

14 Jun 2016

At its 228th meeting now under way in San Diego, the AAS announced that it will begin officially sponsoring Astrobites, the daily astrophysics journal blog written by graduate students.

13 Jun 2016

NASA's 2016 Astrophysics Senior Review was held during February and March 2016 and the results have been published online.

09 Jun 2016

Nominations for the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards will be accepted online through 20 June 2016. Five women will be named Award Laureates for their contributions to the advancement of science.

08 Jun 2016

The AAS Division on Dynamical Astronomy is bestowing its highest honor on a Johns Hopkins professor who has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the Milky Way's history.

06 Jun 2016