HEAD 21 Meeting

Abstracts & Proposals

21st Meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division
Horseshoe Bay Resort, Horseshoe Bay, Texas
7 – 12 April 2024

Proposal Deadline

  • 15 Nov: Splinter Meetings due

Organizations can propose splinter meetings to discuss technical or programmatic of interest to the HEAD. Splinter meetings are usually scheduled outside the main science program, and typically require separate meeting space and A/V support and/or catering.

  • Splinter Meetings can be scheduled during the HEAD meeting as parallel sessions
  • Additional fees may apply to meetings scheduled after the AAS meeting closes.
  • Any AAS or HEAD Full Member can request a Splinter Meeting
  • Splinter Meetings are considered part of the main HEAD Meeting and are not free-standing; participants must be registered HEAD meeting attendees.
  • A summary of the meeting topic and content must be submitted.
  • Splinter Meetings may be either private or open and can range from just a few people to dozens of attendees.
  • The named organizer of the Splinter Meeting must be an AAS and or HEAD Member and should submit complete contact information, including onsite contact information/cell phone number.
  • Costs associated with the AAS Administration fee, catering and equipment rental are the responsibility of the Splinter Meeting organizer. The fees will be invoiced by the AAS once the meeting closes and is audited.
  • Proposals for Splinter Meetings will be reviewed by the organizing committee after the submission deadline. Given room availability, it may not be possible to accommodate all submissions.
  • Meeting organizers will be notified via email of proposal acceptance or rejection. If accepted, logistical details such as specific room assignments will be sent to the Splinter Meeting organizer by 21 November.
  • Organizers are responsible for all costs associated with the Splinter Meeting, including, but not necessarily limited to staff support & admin fee ($550 per day), catering, A/V equipment, internet, phone services, and all applicable taxes and service charges.

All catering orders are subject to a taxable service charge, and sales tax.

Logistical Staff support & admin fee $550 per day

Open Splinter Meetings may not be scheduled in conflict with plenary sessions (invited or prize talks). Private splinter meetings may be scheduled anytime during the HEAD meeting.