55th DPS Meeting

Abstracts & Proposals

55th Annual Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences joint with EPSC
San Antonio, Texas & Virtually Anywhere
1 – 6 October 2023

Workshop submission is closed.

DPS Workshop is a focused meeting, typically with a small group of invited participants, usually on an educational, programmatic, or career topic. Workshops are typically collaborative and interactive. Examples include tutorials on use of astronomical software, and tools related to scheduling and data analysis for observatories and missions. Formal Working Group meetings for observatories and missions are usually scheduled as Workshops.

  • Scheduled in response to proposals from DPS Full Members.
  • Workshops are not considered part of the main DPS Meeting and may be free-standing. Participants do not have to register for the DPS meeting.
  • Held on Saturday, 30 September and/or Sunday, 1 October.
  • Have a length of a half-day, full-day, or two full-days.
  • Scheduled in parallel with other workshops.
  • A summary of the meeting topic and content must be submitted (few hundred words).
  • The Workshop organizer must complete the online form in full and provide information to assist AAS staff who run the DPS meeting in scheduling and logistics.
  • Workshops can be proposed as fully virtual, hybrid or strictly in-person, public or private, sponsored or not sponsored by the DPS Division.
  • Workshops open to the full DPS attendance and of broad scientific/community interest may request sponsorship to cover costs during the submission process.  
  • All public workshop rooms will have a complimentary hard-drop internet line and AAS/DPS will be providing an event specific zoom license to each organizer. 
  • If the workshop is not sponsored, the organizers for any type of workshop are responsible for all costs associated with the Workshop Meeting, including, but not necessarily limited to the logistic staff support & admin fee ($550 per day), catering, A/V equipment, phone services, and all applicable taxes and service charges. All catering orders are subject to a taxable service charge, and sales tax. Logistical Staff support & admin fee $550 per day and will be invoiced by the AAS once the meeting closes and is audited.

Video Conferencing Scenarios:

  • Private Splinters: Organizer provide an AAS/DPS supplied Zoom link to their invitees. No other types of video conferencing platforms will be accepted. Private events cannot be sponsored.
  • Public Splinters non-sponsored: An AAS/DPS supplied Zoom link or Gathertown and a complimentary internet line will be provided for hybrid and virtual sessions. This is included in the registration costs.


6 Jul: Workshop proposals due

Deadlines for Accepted Proposals
10 Jul: Acceptance Letters Sent Out by DPS Chair

All workshop organizers, regardless of type of workshop, will be required to provide their own computer and if needed, video conferencing software.  ‚Äč

10 Aug: Catering Request Deadline
If your session requires food and beverage, please submit your request by this date.

10 Aug: Final Session Descriptions and Titles Due
Sessions titles and descriptions are posted in the online general schedule and published in the Meeting Program. If your proposal text needs to be updated to be publication-ready, do so by this date.

17 Aug: Session Cancellation
If you no longer wish to hold a session, please notify the meetings team of your cancellation by this date.