55th DPS Meeting

Press Information

55th Annual Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences joint with EPSC
San Antonio, Texas & Virtually Anywhere
1 – 6 October 2023

Press Registration

The 55th Annual DPS will have several press conferences to showcase new results from across the planetary science community. While drawing media attention to the exciting science being presented at the conference is the primary aim, the presentations will be educational and aimed at a general audience. The press conferences will be exclusively online, streamed live on Youtube and also on Zoom for active members of the press interested in asking questions in real time. A press advisory will be put out prior to the meeting by the AAS detailing how to watch the press conferences, and the recordings will be published to Youtube afterwards for those who could not watch them live.

If you are an active member of the press and interested in attending the meeting either online or virtually, please reach out to DPS Press Officer Dr. Teddy Kareta personally to discuss options for free or discounted attendance rates. Any questions about the press conferences or media interaction at the conference in general should also be addressed to the Press Officer.

USRA LogoA very special “Thank you!” goes out to the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) for generously sponsoring the DPS-EPSC 2023 virtual press office!

Press Contacts:

Press Conferences

We will hold press conferences via Zoom on several days throughout the conference at 12:15 PM local (Central, GMT-5) time. The number and which days of the week the conferences are on is being decided at present and this page will be updated at the time that those decisions are made.

They’ll also be live-streamed on the AAS Press Office YouTube channel (where you will not be able to ask questions; to do that, you will need to participate via Zoom) and archived there afterward.

Media Advisory