4 February 2020

Results of the 2020 AAS Election

Alice Monet, U.S. Naval Obs. (retired)

Voting in the AAS election of Officers and At-Large Trustees for terms beginning in 2020 closed on 31 January. Of the 7,809 members eligible to cast ballots, 2,268 members (29.04%) voted. If you were one of these voters, thank you! If not, we hope you’ll exercise your right to vote in future elections. Our Officers and Trustees help decide the Society's direction and goals. The best way to ensure that your voice is heard is to participate in Society elections.

Here are this year’s winners; all will take office this summer, except for the newly elected member of the Nominating Committee, whose term begins immediately:

Stephen Unwin Doris Daou Edmund Bertschinger Daniela Calzetti Karen L. Masters
Stephen C. Unwin
Doris Daou
Edmund Bertschinger
At-Large Trustee
Daniela Calzetti
Nominating Committee
Karen L. Masters
Nominating Committee

We are grateful to all of the AAS members who agreed to stand for election, and we congratulate our new officers and trustees. We look forward to benefiting from their wisdom and energy in the years ahead!