Doris Daou: Candidate for Treasurer

Affiliation: NASA Planetary Science Division

Position/Title: Executive Scientist

PhD institution: M. Sc. Universite de Montreal (1988)

Areas of scientific interest:

  • Planetary science
  • Stellar Astrophysics
  • Non-radial variable White Dwarfs (ZZ Ceti)
  • Exoplanets

AAS and/or Division leadership positions and dates:

  • Member, AAS Nominating Committee (2016 – 2019)

Other relevant positions, experience, and dates:


I have been an active member of the American Astronomical Society since graduate school. For over three decades I have been attending both winter and summer meetings. So in a sense like most members, I feel that I grew up in this community. I have about 30 years of experience with NASA missions as well as science, Education and Public Outreach, International Partnerships, and management. Currently a member of the AAS Nominating Committee, I have been active in various committees for NASA, as well as the American Astronomical Society education program review in 2009, the Woman in Astronomy 2009 Conference Program Committee, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Program Committee, the EPO Advisory Group for various mission, the International Year of Astronomy US and IAU program Committee, and the IAU Communicating Astronomy with Public program committee. I have also led an effort for creating a professional society for Astronomy communicators, which resulted in the creation of Professionalization & Accreditation working group in the IAU Commission 2, as well an IAU associate membership level for these professionals. It would be an absolute pleasure and pride for me to serve and support the AAS and its community as the Society's Treasurer.