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2019 AAS Election: Candidate Statements

Monday, November 26, 2018 - 09:09

Balloting for the next election of AAS Officers and At-Large Trustees will open in mid-December 2018 and close at the end of January 2019. All AAS members eligible to vote in the election will be notified once the ballot is available. Every vote is important, and those elected will be empowered to decide the direction and goals of our Society.

We are grateful to the following AAS members who have agreed to stand for election. Click on a name to read the candidate's statement. Please support the candidates' dedication, and help define the future of your Society, by voting.

Candidates for the Nominating Committee were proposed by the membership at our annual AAS Members' Meeting in Denver, Colorado, in June 2018:

Nominating Committee (term: 3 years; positions open: 1)

The Nominating Committee prepares slates of candidates for Officers and Trustees as specified in the Bylaws.

Below are the current Nominating Committee's proposed slates of candidates for Officers and At-Large Trustees.

President (term: 4 years [1 as President-Elect, 2 as President, 1 as Past President]; positions open: 1)

The President presides over the Board of Trustees meetings and the annual AAS Members' Meeting, represents the AAS at official functions and before other organizations, serves when required as official spokesperson for the AAS, and appoints members to various AAS committees.

Vice-President (term: 3 years; positions open: 1)

The Vice-Presidents, as representatives of the Board of Trustees, are responsible for the overall scientific content of the Society's major meetings. They select invited speakers, review proposals for special sessions, and support and advise the Executive Officer in maintaining the scientific quality of the program.

Secretary (term: 3 years; positions open: 1)

The Secretary is a voting member of the Board of Trustees; prepares and distributes the agendas and minutes of Board Meetings; is the official signer for the AAS; sits on the AIP Governing Board (when elected); is a member and secretary of the USNC-IAU; collects, counts and certifies ballots for all Society elections; solicits nominations for AAS awards; and selects session chairs for meetings.

At-Large Trustee (term: 3 years; positions open: 1)

As members of the governing board of the AAS, At-Large Trustees have the legal responsibility to manage, direct, and control the affairs and property of the Society. Within the limits of the Bylaws, the Board of Trustees determines the policies of the Society and changes to them, and it has discretion in the disbursement of the Society's funds.

USNC-IAU (term: 3 years; positions open: 1)

The US National Committee for the International Astronomical Union (USNC-IAU) represents the interests of the US astronomical community and safeguards the intellectual vigor of the Union.

Please note: Members eligible to vote will be notified when the electronic ballot is available. Members for whom we do not have email addresses will receive a paper ballot by first class mail. You may verify your email address on our members-only site and if necessary send corrections to

Any other member wishing to use a paper ballot may request one by phone (202) 328-2010 x115, by fax (202) 234-2560, or by email to If possible, include your member number with your request.

George Fritz Benedict
AAS Secretary
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