Candidate Statement: Duilia de Mello

Nominated Office: USNC-IAU

Affiliation: The Catholic University of America

Position/title: Vice Provost/Professor of Physics

PhD institution: University of Sao Paulo (1995)

Areas of scientific interest:

  • Interacting Galaxies
  • Galaxy Evolution
  • Starburst Galaxies
  • Massive Stars

AAS positions & dates: n/a

Other relevant positions and experience:

  • Keynote speaker of the IAU Women in Astronomy Lunch in the 2009 General Assembly
  • Member of numerous scientific organizing committees
  • Member of time allocation committees for Hubble, GALEX, Swift, Kepler and NOAO
  • Chaired numerous committees including Assessment Council and University Research Operation Committee

Candidate Statement:

I have been a member of the AAS and the IAU since I was a graduate student. I know really well both organizations and have been involved in promoting women and mentoring students in both organizations. I am also an active member of the Latin American Regional IAU and have attended several regional meetings. I was actively involved in the organization of the General Assembly in Brazil in 2009 and understand the impact the IAU has in the local community. In order to better represent the interests of the US astronomical community I will connect with the AAS members as much as possible and bring their voices to the IAU. As the USNC-IAU I will motivate the AAS members to be an active member of the IAU by leading proposals to host scientific meetings and volunteering to participate in the IAU Divisions, Commissions, Working and Program Groups. I will advertise opportunities to the AAS members and make sure they apply for IAU funding and nominate their pe ers for awards and prizes. I will connect the AAS members with opportunities related to Office for Astronomy Outreach, the Women in Astronomy Working Group and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion. During my three-year term I will engage the AAS members to attend the next General Assembly to be hosted in Busan, South Korea, in 16-21 August 2021.