th meeting

53rd Annual DPS Meeting Exhibitors

th meeting of the American Astronomical Society

The Division for Planetary Sciences welcomes the following exhibitors to the 53rd Annual DPS meeting.

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Meetup with exhibitors in GatherTown

DPS Meeting Exhibitors

AAS Publishing

AAS Publishing, ApJS, ApJL, ApJ, AJ, RNAAS

Contact: Julie Steffen

Twitter: @AAS_Publishing

Astrophysics data system logo

Astrophysics Data System - ADS

Contact: Donna Thompson

Twitter: @adsabs



Contact: Jane Charlton



Contact: Nanci Reich

Twitter: @AURADC

Ball Aerospace

Ball Aerospace

Contact: Ricki Watkins

Twitter: @BallAerospace

IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing

Contact: Fiona Walker

Twitter: @IOPPublishing

Caltech/IPAC Data Archives

Caltech/IPAC & Caltech/NExScI

Contact: Ellen O'Leary

Twitter: @CaltechIPAC

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Contact: Shannon Thornton

Twitter: @JHUAPL

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Contact: Julianne Tygielski

Twitter: @@LPItoday

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

Contact: Bobby Bus

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Contact: Donna O'Malley

Twitter: @NSF_MPS

Planetary Data System

Contact: Tom Morgan

Space Telescope Science Institute

Space Telescope Science Institute

Contact: Mitch Watkins

Twitter: @SpaceTelescope

STARtorialist Jewelry, Clothing, and Gifts

STARtorialist Jewelry, Clothing, and Accessories

Contact: Emily Rice

Twitter: @STARtorialist

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research Institute - SwRI

Contact: Tracy Becker & Bill Bottke

Twitter: @SWRI

Universities Space Research Association - USRA

Contact: Suraiya Farukhi

Twitter: @@USRAedu

Tentative Schedule

Staff booth during these times, all other times, monitor Slack channel.

Sunday, 3 Oct 8:00pm-9:00pm Opening Reception/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Monday, 4 Oct 11:00am-12:00pm Coffee Break Mixer/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Tuesday, 5 Oct


Coffee Break Mixer/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Poster Session/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Wednesday, 6 Oct 2:00pm-3:00pm
Poster Session/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Happy Hour Mixer/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Thursday, 7 Oct 2:00pm-3:00pm Poster Session/GatherTown Exhibit Hall
Friday, 8 Oct 4:00pm-5:00pm Closing Reception/GatherTown Exhibit Hall