53rd DPS Meeting

Plenary Speakers

DPS 2021
53rd Annual Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences
Virtually Anywhere
3 – 8 October 2021

Mars Session

In this plenary session, we will hear new results from five different Mars missions: NASA's Perseverance Rover, NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter, UAE's Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe, NASA's MAVEN mission, and NASA's InSight Mission.

Hessa Al Matroushi

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre
Science Lead for Emirates Mars Mission

William "Bruce" Banerdt

InSight PI

Shannon Curry

UC Berkeley

Ken Farley

Project Scientist for NASA's Perseverance Rover

Matthew Golombek

MER Project Scientist

Venus Session

Venus is the HOT planet of the year! Come hear about new results from Akatsuki, and upcoming Venus missions: DAVINCI, VERITAS, and EnVision!

Stephanie Getty

Goddard Space Flight Center
Deputy PI of DAVINCI+

Richard Ghail

Royal Holloway, University of London
Lead Scientist for EnVision

Takeshi Imamura

University of Tokyo
Project Scientist for Akatsuki

Sue Smrekar


Jupiter & Galilean Satellites Session

Juno's extended mission has enabled close flybys and observations of the Galilean satellites (most recently: Ganymede). This plenary will showcase new results from both Juno and ground-based observations of the Galilean satellites, along with plans for the upcoming Europa Clipper mission.

Kate Craft


Candy Hansen


Julie Rathbun


Federico Tosi


Exoplanets Session

Not all planets are in our Solar System! This plenary will be dedicated to the science of super-Earths and sub-Neptunes, including their characterization, formation, and evolution.

James Owen

Imperial College London

Laura Schaefer


Hilke Schlichting


Myriam Telus


Johanna Teske

Carnegie Institute for Science

IDEA Plenary

Since March 2020, the global pandemic pushed us all into virtual conferences, yielding many lessons about accessibility challenges. As we look forward to in-person and hybrid meetings, we seek to consider these experiences, along with those of people with disabilities who have long faced access difficulties with in-person conferences, to find ways to improve science conference participation for all attendees. SciAccess (https://sciaccess.org/), founded by Anna Voelker, is an organization at the forefront of inspiring, developing, and promoting innovative approaches to equitable science access, from inclusive space science outreach pedagogies to accessible conference strategies to enabling the future of disabled astronauts.

Anna Voelker


Prize Announcements and Winners Q&A

Join us as we announce this year's prize winners! We will also have a special greeting from Suzanne Alexander in recognition of the first Claudia J. Alexander Prize. Following the 2021 prize announcements, we will have a live Q&A discussion of the 2020 Urey and Kuiper Prize winners’ talks, and the 2021 Urey, Kuiper and Alexander Prize winners’ talks. Come celebrate with us!

Rebekah Dawson

2020 Urey Prize Winner

Wing-Huen Ip

Institute of Astronomy, National Central University, Taiwan
2020 Kuiper Prize Winner

Therese Encrenaz

French National Center for Scientific Research emeritus scientist, Paris Observatory, Paris Sciences and Letters University
2021 Gerard P. Kuiper Prize

Lynnae C. Quick

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2021 Harold C. Urey Prize

Elizabeth Turtle

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Claudia J. Alexander Prize