236th meeting

Program Highlights

Virtually Anywhere
236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Virtually Anywhere
1 – 3 June 2020

The virtual meeting will offer a rich assortment of prize and invited talks by distinguished astronomers.

Paola Caselli

Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
LAD Plenary Speaker
"The Crucial Interplay of Laboratory Experiments, Observations and Theory to Unveil our Astrochemical Origins"

John Cowan

Univ. of Oklahoma
LAD Laboratory Astrophysics Prize Talk
"Jim Truran's Contributions to Nuclear and Laboratory Astrophysics"

Sandra Cruz-Pol

NSF/U. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
“An Introduction to the RF Spectrum Regulations”

Jo Dunkley

Princeton Univ.
"The Atacama Cosmology Telescope and the Simons Observatory: The mm-wave Sky from Chile"

Natalie Hell

"Atomic Physics Measurements at the Livermore Electron Beam Ion Traps and Their Application to X-ray Astrophysics"

Sarah Hörst

Johns Hopkins Univ.
LAD Early Career Award
"Planets in a Bottle: Exploring Planetary Atmospheres in the Lab"

Jacqueline K. Faherty

American Museum of Natural History
"Our Dynamic Solar Neighborhood"

Lisa Kaltenegger

Cornell Univ.
Photo courtesy of Cornell Univ.
Fred Kavli Plenary Lecture
"Searching for Habitable Worlds: Challenges, Opportunities & Adventures"

James Lowenthal

Smith College
"Satellite Mega-Constellations and the Night Sky: OIR Visibility, Impacts, and Policy"

Elisabeth Mills

Univ. of Kansas
"Journey to the Center of the Galaxy: Following the Gas to Understand the Past and Future Activity of Galaxy Nuclei"

Dara Norman

"The Inclusion Revolution"

Kazunari Shibata

Kyoto Univ.
SPD Hale Prize
"From Jets to Superflares: Extraordinary Activity of Magnetized Plasmas in the Universe"

Christina Tremonti

Univ. of Wisconsin
"Gone With the Galactic Wind: How Feedback from Massive Stars and Supernovae Shapes Galaxy Evolution"

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