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Virtually Anywhere
236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Virtually Anywhere
1 – 3 June 2020

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Due to popular demand we are keeping registration open throughout the virtual meeting for the same low price!

If you need assistance please contact [email protected].

Registration fees listed below are in United States Dollars (USD). 

Full Member / LAD Member $199 $129
Graduate Student $99 $69
Undergraduate Student / High School Student $99 $69
Emeritus Member $99 $69
Amateur Affiliate $99 $69
Alumni Affiliate $99 $69
International Affiliate $99 $69
Non-Member $450 $150
Amateur Non-Member $205 $138


Making the Most of the AAS WorldWide Telescope
Monday, 1 June | 6:50 pm – 7:50 pm

The AAS WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is the American Astronomical Society’s official tool for visually exploring humanity’s scientific understanding of the Universe. This free and open-source software package can power everything from interactive "live image" figures in journal articles, to exploratory data visualizations in Jupyter notebooks, to immersive custom websites, to professional-grade planetariums. This interactive tutorial will introduce attendees to the WWT software ecosystem in the context of its applications to research, education, and public outreach. Limit: 50 registrants (FULL)

AAS 236 Fun Run for PPE (Up to $120)
There's still time to get fit while supporting a great cause! Register for the AAS 236 virtual 5K race by 22 May; the AAS will donate the money raised to a charity that provides PPE (personal protective equipment) to the heroes working in healthcare. If you're already registered, click the Fun Run link above, then log in and add this event to your cart.

Get Ready! The race period will begin Sunday, 24 May, at 11:00 am ET and end on Sunday, 31 May, at 11:59 pm ET.

Set! You can run or walk anytime and anywhere — just remember to stay safe and practice physical distance. You can race more than once, but please not more than once per day. Bring your phone if you want to participate in the Crafty Scientist photo competition. You can enter this competition by uploading your pic(s) when you're submitting your race time(s).

Go! Enjoy your time away from your desk (unless you have one of those fancy treadmill desks)! Be sure to record and submit your race time(s).

Win! There are five different competitions and each winner will receive a gift card from the AAS. Winners will be announced at the Members' Meeting on 3 June.

  1. Most mileage: even if we count it in 5-kilometer blocks!
  2. Fastest time: or second fastest time if it's the same person who wins most mileage. Racers can be so type A!
  3. Support crew: let us know who you raced with or who/what inspired you during your race.
  4. Crafty Scientist photo competition: to be judged by an art director, a marketing specialist, and maybe a data scientist to round things out.
  5. Monte Carlo: the grand prix or simulation? We'll randomly pick a winner from the folks who didn't win before.

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Check/Money Order: Make payable to "236th AAS Meeting."

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Need a receipt before the meeting? Visit my.aas.org, select meeting history, then select the corresponding order number.


Contact [email protected] to make any changes to your registration.

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