236th meeting


Virtually Anywhere
236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Virtually Anywhere
1 – 3 June 2020

The AAS offers complimentary meeting registration to bona fide working journalists and public-information officers (PIOs). To request press registration, first check our eligibility criteria, then contact AAS Press Officer Dr. Rick Fienberg to obtain the URL of the press-registration form and a valid registration code. Press-registration deadline: Friday, 29 May 2020.

Note: Press registration will still be possible after 29 May, but we likely won’t be able to respond to requests promptly, leaving you without login credentials and unable to join the conference until our staff can process your registration request.

The following list includes approved press registrants as of 3 June 2020:

  1. Mary Agner (Freelance)
  2. Javier Barbuzano (Freelance)
  3. David Baron (Freelance)
  4. Meghan Bartels (Space.com)
  5. Henrik Bendix (Freelance)
  6. Damond Benningfield (Star Date Radio & Magazine)
  7. Seth Borenstein (The Associated Press)
  8. Sue Bowler (Royal Astronomical Society / A&G)
  9. Labiba Boyd (KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM)
  10. Deborah Byrd (EarthSky.org)
  11. Camille Carlisle (Sky & Telescope)
  12. Jamie Carter (Forbes)
  13. Nia Cason (Freelance)
  14. May Chiao (Nature Astronomy)
  15. Felicia Chou (NASA)
  16. Lars Christensen (NSF's NOIRLab)
  17. Stephen Clark (Spaceflight Now)
  18. Daniel Clery (Science)
  19. Calla Cofield (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  20. John Cohan (Freelance)
  21. Emily Conover (Science News)
  22. Leah Crane (New Scientist)
  23. Christopher Crockett (Freelance)
  24. Claudia Crowley (EarthSky)
  25. Henry Curtis (Ililani Media)
  26. Sanjana Curtis (North Carolina State University / Astrobites)
  27. Paul Deans (Freelance)
  28. Bethany Downer (ESA/Hubble)
  29. Peter Edmonds (Chandra X-ray Center)
  30. Leo Enright (Irish TV)
  31. Dan Falk (Freelance)
  32. Suraiya Farukhi (Universities Space Research Association)
  33. Andrew Fazekas (Astronomers Without Borders)
  34. Rick Fienberg (AAS Press Officer)
  35. Dave Finley (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  36. Daniel Fischer (Astronomie - Das Magazin)
  37. Janine Fohlmeister (AIP Potsdam / German Astronomical Society)
  38. Susan Fourtané (The Galactic Times)
  39. Jeff Foust (SpaceNews)
  40. Andrew Fraknoi (OpenStax / Freelance)
  41. Blaine Friedlander (Cornell University)
  42. Pamela L. Gay (Astronomy Cast / Daily Space)
  43. Wayt Gibbs (CASW / Scientific American / IEEE Spectrum)
  44. Elizabeth Gibney (Nature)
  45. Ranpal Gill (Vera Rubin Observatory)
  46. Alyssa Grace (NSF's NOIRLab)
  47. Noreen Grice (You Can Do Astronomy, LLC)
  48. Cheryl Gundy (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  49. Janice Harvey (NSF's NOIRLab / Gemini Observatory)
  50. Alison Hawkes (NASA Ames Research Center)
  51. Alexander Hellemans (Freelance)
  52. Zack Higbee (University of Oklahoma)
  53. Don Hladiuk (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  54. Catherine Hofacker (Aerospace America)
  55. Amber Hornsby (Cardiff University / Astrobites)
  56. Randall Hyman (Freelance)
  57. Douglas Isbell (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  58. Nan Janney (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  59. Jeff Kanipe (Freelance)
  60. Marios Karouzos (Nature Astronomy)
  61. Irene Klotz (Aviation Week & Space Technology)
  62. Amanda Kocz (NSF's NOIRLab)
  63. Susanna Kohler (AAS Nova / Astrobites)
  64. Tarini Konchady (AAS Media Fellow)
  65. Katherine Kornei (Freelance)
  66. Miriam Kramer (Axios)
  67. Liz Kruesi (Mercury)
  68. Larry Krumenaker (The Galactic Times)
  69. Elizabeth Landau (NASA)
  70. Shari Lifson (AURA)
  71. Dirk Lorenzen (German Pubic Radio)
  72. Rick Lovett (Freelance)
  73. Tariq Malik (Space.com)
  74. Laurence Marschall (Freelance)
  75. Jameeka Marshall (NSF's NOIRLab / Gemini Observatory)
  76. Steve Murray (Freelance)
  77. Joan Najita (NSF's National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory)
  78. Robert Nemiroff (Astronomy Picture of the Day)
  79. Iris Nijman (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  80. Antonella Nota (ESA/Hubble)
  81. Vera Novais (The Galactic Times)
  82. Jonathan O'Callaghan (Freelance)
  83. Madeleine O'Keefe (University of Wisconsin, Madison / IceCube)
  84. Amy Oliver (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
  85. Dennis Overbye (New York Times)
  86. Carolyn Collins Petersen (Loch Ness Productions)
  87. Natasha Pinol (NASA)
  88. Alex Pizzuto (Astrobites)
  89. Kristen Pope (Freelance)
  90. Christine Pulliam (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  91. Martin Ratcliffe (Freelance)
  92. Matteo Rini (American Physical Society)
  93. Daniel Samorodnitsky (Massive Science)
  94. Govert Schilling (Freelance)
  95. Adria Schwarber (FYI Science Policy News)
  96. Joshua Sokol (Freelance)
  97. Gordon Squires (Caltech / IPAC - TMT)
  98. Frank Tavares (NASA Ames Research Center)
  99. Maria Temming (Science News)
  100. Jennifer Tidball (Kansas State University)
  101. Vanessa Thomas (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  102. Amy Thompson (Freelance)
  103. Georgina Torbet (Digital Trends)
  104. Julie Tygielski (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
  105. David Voss (APS News / American Physical Society)
  106. Abygail Waggoner (University of Virginia / Astrobites)
  107. Haley Wahl (West Virginia University / Astrobites)
  108. William Waller (The Galactic Inquirer)
  109. Megan Watzke (Chandra X-ray Observatory / Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
  110. Alexandra Witze (Freelance)
  111. Paul Woods (Nature Astronomy)
  112. Ryan Wyatt (California Academy of Sciences)
  113. Ling Xin (Freelance)
  114. Monica Young (Sky & Telescope)
  115. Luna Zagorac (Astrobites)

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