233rd AAS Meeting

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Plenary Sessions

These links point to slidecasts, i.e., presentation slides accompanied by audio of the lectures. Some invited talks and prize lectures aren't included here, for one or more of the following reasons: (1) the speaker didn't give us permission to record and post their presentation, (2) the quality of the recording was substandard, or (3) a technical glitch prevented the successful recording of the audio and/or presentation slides.

  • 101.01: "Kavli Foundation Lecture: A Color Out of Space: ‘Oumuamua’s Brief and Mysterious Visit to the Solar System," Gregory Laughlin (Yale University)
  • 101.02: "Kavli Foundation Lecture: A Color Out of Space: ‘Oumuamua’s Brief and Mysterious Visit to the Solar System," Ka'iu Kimura (‘Imiloa Astronomy Center)
  • 118: "Dannie Heineman Prize Lecture: The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics," Vicky Kalogera (Northwestern University)
  • 138: ""Make No Small Plans" (George Ellery Hale, 1868-1938)," David DeVorkin (Smithsonian Institution) (presented by Marc Rotherberg)
  • 139: "Newton Lacy Pierce Prize Lecture: The Obscured Early Universe," Caitlin Casey (University of Texas at Austin)

  • 201: "Prize Presentations," Megan Donahue (Michigan State University)
  • 201.01: "Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize Lecture: One Large Galaxy with One Small Telescope," Julianne Dalcanton (University of Washington, Seattle)
  • 219: "AAS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education," Alex Rudolph (Cal Poly Pomona), Gibor Basri (UC Berkeley), and members of the Task Force Team
  • 240: "RAS Gold Medal Lecture: Ripples from the Dark Side of the Universe," Sir James Hough (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
  • 241: "HEAD Bruno Rossi Prize Lecture: Cosmic Rumbles and Fireworks from Merging Neutron Stars," Colleen Wilson-Hodge (NASA/MSFC)

  • 300: "The Energetic Universe in Focus: Twenty Years of Science with the Chandra X-Ray Observatory" Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth College)
  • 321: "The Climates of Other Worlds: Exoplanet Climatology as a Pathway to Accurate Assessments of Planetary Habitability," Aomawa Shields (UC Irvine)
  • 344: "Annie Jump Cannon Award: Tracing the Astrochemical Origins of Familiar and Exotic Planets," L. Ilsedore Cleeves (University of Virginia)
  • 345: "Henry Norris Russell Lecture: The Limits of Cosmology," Joseph Silk (Johns Hopkins University, Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, and Oxford University)

  • 400: "The Era of Surveys and the Fifth Paradigm of Science," Alexander Szalay (Johns Hopkins University)
  • 421: "From Disks to Planets: Observing Planet Formation in Disks Around Young Stars," Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)
  • 440: "From Data to Dialogue: Confronting the Challenge of Climate Change," Heidi Roop, (University of Washington)
  • 441: "Lancelot M. Berkeley Prize Lecture: The XENON Project: at the Forefront of Dark Matter Direct Detection," Elena Aprile (Columbia University)