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Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA)

(In its left-side menu, that page has links to the CSWA's magazine Status and to the Women in Astronomy blog.)

History: Established June 1, 1979.

Members: Originally five members — two men and three women — appointed by the Board of Trustees in June, preferably from a list of volunteers. Enlarged to 12 members in 2012.

Term: Three years, June to June; staggered; from the close of one Annual Members' Meeting to the close of the next Annual Members' Meeting.

Chair: Appointed by the AAS Board; three year term, from the June business meeting to June business meeting.

Charge: Recommends to the Board of Trustees practical measures that the AAS can take to improve the status of women in astronomy and encourage their entry into this field.


Nancy Morrison

Committee members