For those of you who want to delve deeper into the subject of public policy at the AAS, here is more information1.

Refer to the Advocacy Resources page for more information on why you should and how you can advocate. That page also includes information about advocacy opportunities. For information on the AAS position on various policies, refer to the AAS Policy Positions page

Committee on Astronomy and Public Policy

The Committee on Astronomy and Public Policy (CAPP) provides the direction for the public policy efforts at the AAS. AAS Public Policy staff work within CAPP's Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.

Policy 101: Sample Phone Call to Congressperson

This example of a phone conversation assumes an astronomer is calling a Congressperson's office about a letter sponsored by two Congressmen and being sent to the House leadership.

Policy 101: The Astronomical Sciences Policy Ecosystem

This page is meant to serve as a portal for learning about the funders, advisors, and policy makers in the astronomical sciences policy ecosystem in the US.

Policy 101: Astronomy in the Federal Budget

Contains information on the US government budget cycles and the astronomical sciences' place in them.

Information about Relevant Policies

A summary of the policies or proposed policies that impact or are impacted by the astronomical sciences.

The Astronomical Sciences Policy Ecosystem

A run-down of the relevant funders, advisors, and policymakers who impact the astronomical sciences.

Other Web Resources

A list of other sources of information about policies and other societies' public policy programs.

Other Science Policy Opportunities

An ever-growing list of other science policy opportunities, including internships and fellowships for students and graduates.

1This page is a work in progress. If there is some information that you would like to see included here, then please email those suggestions to the Public Policy staff.