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The SPECTRUM Newsletter

The SPECTRUM newsletter consists of original and reprinted articles on topics related to minorities in astronomy. It is distributed by postal mail to the AAS members on the CSMA mailing list and also at AAS meetings. Contributions are welcome! E-mail the Editor with article ideas or suggestions.

January 2015
The Costs of the GREs - NSBP Meeting in February - Intersectionality - Being an Ally - Inclusive Astronomy Conference - Cal-Bridge Partnership - UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman Program - CSMA Council Members - News You Can Use

January 2014
Meet the New CSMA Chair and Committee Members - I!mposter Syndrome - Why So Few Native American Astronomers? - Women of Color in Astronomy & Astrophysics - News You Can Use

September 2011
The African American Society - The Future of PAARE - National Astrophysics and Space Sciences Programme - Reducing the Impact of Negative Stereotypes - Strategies for Addressing Harassment & Prejudice - News You Can Use

January 2011
The Astro2010 Decadal Survey Report Comes Up Short - CSMA's Muli-tiered Approach to the Decadal Survey - A Student's Experience at SACNAS - Youth Astronomy Apprenticeship - Attracting a More Diverse Body of Students in STEM Fields - National Indian Education Association Meeting - News You Can Use

June 2010
Challenges of Increasing Hispanic Participation in STEM Fields - CSMA/CSWA Mentor Training Sessions - CSMA Dinner in DC - Women of Color in Physics Departments - Tribal Colleges & Universities - MIT's Diversity Roadmap - News You Can Use

January 2010
Women in Astronomy 2009 - Impressions of the White House Star Party - Bringing Diverse Undergraduates Before Graduate Application - Minority-Serving Institutions Deserve More Respect - A Poem in Memory of Dr. Beth Brown - Astronomers at SHPE Conference - Diversity Takes a Hit in Tough Times - News You Can Use

June 2009
Increasing Minorities in Astronomy: Decadal Survey Report - Astronomers at 2009 NSBP/NSHP Meeting - Mentoring New Generations of Minority Astronomers - Winners of the First Dr. Beth A. Brown Memorial Prize - Minority & Female PhD Attainment in Astronomy - News You Can Use

January 2009
In Memory of Dr. Beth A. Brown - Partnering Observational and Computational Astronomy - NSF Report on the Role of HBCUs in Black PhD Production - What Happened to Plans to Hire More Minority Professors? - Student Labor on LSST - Role of Community Colleges in Science Work Force - News You Can Use

June 2008
Beyond the Myth of the Perfect Mentor - Pre-MAP: A Case Study - The Supreme Court, Affirmative Action, and Higher Education

January 2008
Nelson Report on Minorities in S&E Faculties - Partnership Between Tohono O'odham Nation and Kitt Peak - Ethnoastronomy - Privilege and Diversity in the Academy - Meet Claudia Knez - U. Washington Reaching for the Stars

June 2007
Diversity through Outreach: Center for Adaptive Optics - Good Science & Diversity - The Color of Our Classroom - Shared Challenges & Solutions - The Scientific Approach - Does Meritocracy Work?

January 2007
Diversity in Physics - Preparing Minority Scientists & Engineers - Century of Doctoral Trends from NSF - Diversity Blueprint for Colleges & Universities - Meet Marcel Agueros

June 2006
Will Your Diversity Initiative Work? - The First 50 Years of African American Solar Astronomers - Race Exclusive Programs: Will Minority Students Be Left Out? - NIH Told to Get Serious About Diversity - Science Learning in the Northern Plains

January 2006
Diversity & the PhD - Einstein & Racism in America - Meeting America's S&E Challenge - Myths About Minority Institutions - Native American Physicist at Caltech - APS Selects Minority Scholars - Locating Minority-Serving Institutions

June 2005
The Unchanging Face of the Ivy League - Underrepresented Minority Women Faculty - Light and Color for Minority Middle Schoolers - Academe's Hispanic Future - Stereotypes: A Cognitive Science Perspective

January 2005
The Road to Racial Equality - CSMA Presentation on Affirmative Action - Affirming Diversity at Michigan - Research on Increasing Faculty of Color - Guidebook for STEM Educators in Post-Michigan Era

June 2004
An Experience at NSBP - Diversity of Tenure-Track Astronomy Faculty - American Indian Language Revitalization - White Privilege - The Culture of Power - First Annual AAS/NSBP Scholarship Winners - Poems by Ofelia Zepeda

January 2004
What About Diversity? - Professional Organizations of Minorities in the Physical Sciences - Diversity and Accountability - What's in a Name? - Diversity of Astronomy Faculty: Preliminary Results - A Small First Step - PhD Productivity in HBCUs - SASS: Cultivating the Next Generation of Astronomers - NASA Space Sciences Diversity Initiatives - Meet Dara Norman, Bryan Mendez & Laura Lopez

June 2003
The Fate of Affirmative Action - Special Session at AAS - Report Card on Affirmative Action - Faults with Percentage Plans - Lessons of the Grocery Shelf - Increasing Diversity in the S&E Workforce - Meet Louis Strolger

January 2003
Diversifying and the REU - Special Session at AAS - Top Degree Producers of Minorities in the Physical Sciences - Faculty Diversity: Too Little for Too Long - African-American Physicists in the DOE Labs - HBCUs Aim to Lead NASA Programs

June 2002
The Role of Minority Serving Institutions - CSMA Kicks Off AAS Meeting - HBCUs: Key Producers of Black Physicists and Astronomers - Introduction to Tribal Colleges - Outreach to White Earth Native Americans - Stereotype Threat - Recruitment and Retention of Faculty of Color

January 2002
Introducing the CSMA Website - Special Session at the AAS - How to Diversify the Faculty - Minorities in Astronomy: Numbers & Trends - Strategies for Inclusive Outreach - A Multicultural Approach to Astronomy Teaching