TESS 2022 Meeting

Topical Sessions

Triennial Earth-Sun Summit (Joint meeting of AAS, AAS/SPD, and AGU/SPA)
Bellevue/Seattle, WA
8 – 11 August 2022

TESS 2022 Topical Sessions

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  1. Universality of mesoscale processes in space and solar physics
  2. Towards the Cross-Scale Energy Transfer in Space Plasmas
  3. Improving Understanding of the Sun-Earth System Through Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques
  4. Innovation and discovery in solar and space physics enabled by citizen science
  5. Tracking Plasma Flows in the Heliosphere
  6. Suprathermal Particles and their Importance to Understanding Energetic Particles
  7. Coronal Heating: Present Understanding and Future Progress
  8. Driving Towards a More Diverse Space Physics Research Community – Perspectives, Initiatives, Strategies, and Actions
  9. Observing and inferring solar chromospheric and coronal magnetic fields
  10. Promoting open science in heliophysics and space science through software
  11. The Drivers of Energetic Particle Precipitation and its Impacts on the Atmosphere and Ionosphere
  12. Predicting solar wind properties across the heliosphere with integrated modeling efforts (empirical or first-principles)
  13. Solar X-ray and VUV Spectra: observation, modeling, and planetary atmospheric impacts
  14. Drivers and dynamics of the coupled ionosphere-thermosphere-mesosphere-atmosphere system
  15. Understanding solar eruptions using data-driven models and multi-height observations of the solar atmosphere
  16. High-Energy Solar Investigations Through Next-Generation Remote Sensing: Spectroscopy, Imaging, and Beyond
  17. Sun-to-Earth Campaign-style Study of Large Space Weather Events
  18. Solar Flare Prediction
  19. Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Ambient and Transient Solar Wind Outflow
  20. Solar and Atmospheric Science with Eclipses
  21. Explosive Energy Release Processes in the Solar Corona and Earth’s Magnetosphere
  22. Connecting Magnetic Reconnection across Space and Laboratory Plasmas
  23. Investigating the Solar Chromosphere at Millimeter Wavelengths”
  24. Multi-scale physics of Earth's magnetotail