52nd DPS Meeting

Become a Sponsor, Partner, or Exhibitor

DPS 2020
52nd Annual Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences
Virtually Anywhere
26 – 30 October 2020

Pre-Meeting Training Webinars - sponsored by AAS Publishing, Planetary Science Journal

Press Room - sponsored by  Universities Space Research Association (USRA)

Student and Early Career Reception - sponsored by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

Planetary Scientists of Color Meetup - Sponsored by Elsevier ICARUS

Women in Planetary Event - sponsored by Associated Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA)

Open Mic Night - Sponsored by Toolbox for Research and Exploration (TREX)

Social Hour + Game Nights - Prizes sponsored by STARtorialist


DPS 2020 Exhibitor Tutorial  DPS 2020 Exhibitor Tutorial Slide Deck  Exhibitor Webinar Training

Gold Sponsors & Gold Partners

AAS Publishing

Contact: AAS Publishing

Twitter: @AAS_Publishing

NASA Planetary Data System

Contact: Tom Morgan

Universities Space Research Association - USRA

Contact: Suraiya Farukhi

Silver Sponsors & Silver Partners

Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy - AURA

Contact: Nanci Reich

Twitter: @AURADC



Contact: Tessa de Roo

Twitter: @ELSenviron

Space Telescope Science Institute

Space Telescope Science Institute

Contact: Mitch Watkins

Twitter: @SpaceTelescope

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research Institute

Contact: Tracy Becker

Twitter: @SwRI

TREX (Toolbox for Research and Exploration)

TREX (Toolbox for Research and Exploration)

Contact: Amanda Hendrix

Twitter: @trex_sservi

Bronze Sponsors & Bronze Partners


Ball Aerospace

Contact: Peggy Irwin

Twitter: @BallAerospace

NASA Exoplanet Science Institute - NExScI

NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Contact: Ellen O'Leary

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

Contact: Bobby Bus

Planetary Science Institute

Planetary Science Institute

Contact: Mark Sykes

Twitter: @planetarysci

Astrophysics data system logo

Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System

Contact: Donna Thompson

Twitter: @adsabs

University of Central Florida, Department of Physics

University of Central Florida, Department of Physics

Contact: Kerri Donaldson Hanna

Twitter: @@UCFPlanetary


Astro Haven Enterprises

Astro Haven Enterprises

Contact: Astro Haven Enterprises

Caltech/IPAC Data Archives


Contact: Janice Lee

Twitter: @@caltechipac

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Lunar and Planetary Institute

Contact: Julie Tygielski

Twitter: @LPItoday

Space Dynamics Laboratory

Space Dynamics Laboratory

Contact: Yvonne Polak



Contact: Emily Rice

Twitter: @STARtorialist

The University of Arizona Press

University of Arizona Press

Contact: Savannah Hicks

Twitter: @@AZPress

Highlight Your Institution at DPS in 2020

The Division for Planetary Sciences is excited to invite you to participate in our inaugural virtual meeting from 26-30 October 2020. Participate as a sponsor, partner, or exhibitor to connect with planetary scientists throughout North America and the world via this unique virtual platform.

Meet with individual scientists to share your newest products, missions, and programs through recorded video, literature, live webinars, demonstrations, and face-to-face live video interaction. Schedule appointments with attendees, recruit candidates and arrange interviews, collaborate with geographically diverse team-members, and so much more throughout the 52nd Annual DPS Meeting.

Order Deadline has Passed - Contact Debbie Kovalsky for more info.

How Can Our Institute Participate?

DPS is offering four engagement opportunities for institutions to allow for flexible participation. 

  AAS Corporate Member Non-Member
Gold Sponsor/Partner* $8,000 $8,000
Silver Sponsor/Partner* $5,000 $5,000
Bronze Sponsor/Partner* $2,500 $2,500
Virtual Exhibit $900 $1,500

*Institutions can be designated as either a SPONSOR or PARTNER

Video Explainer: Virtual Exhibit at DPS2020

DPS 2020 Exhibitor Video


What Is Included?

Additional Add-ons

  • Zoom Room for entire Meeting - $500
  • Webinar - ($500[M] / $600[NM])
    • As an Sponsor/Partner or Exhibitor you have the option to purchase webinars as an add-on.

      30 Minute Webinar (15 minutes presentation & 15 minutes Q&A)

      You will have a tech support operator to assist your presenter(s). The presenter(s) is visible via video and heard over audio. The presenter will share their own screen and display their own presentation. The attendees can communicate only through text Q&A which the presenter can address. 

      The webinars will be advertised in the program and also on a posted sign in the schedule with live links to join them at the scheduled time. The webinars will be scheduled by the DPS based on a list of criteria including sponsor levels, membership status, date requested, date received, etc.