225th meeting

Schedule & Speakers

225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Seattle, Washington
4 – 8 January 2015

Our Stellar Lineup of Plenary Talks at a Glance

  • Kavli Foundation Lecture, Daniel Baker*
  • Russell Lectureship, George Field
  • Joseph Weber Prize, Sander Weinreb
  • George Van Biesbroeck Prize, Michael Hauser
  • Annie Jump Cannon Award, Emily Levesque
  • Dannie Heineman Prize, Piero Madau
  • HEAD Rossi Prize, Douglas Finkbeiner, Tracy Slatyer and Meng Su
  • Lancelot M. Berkeley Prize, David Weinberg
  • RAS Gold Medal LectureCarlos Frenk
  • Plenary Talks
    • Gerry Gilmore
    • Katja Poppenhaeger
    • Fiona Harrison
    • Kara Hoffman
    • Max Tegmark
    • Martin White
    • Bruce Balick
    • Al Wootten
    • Paul Weissman

*8 January 2015: Lots of people at the Seattle AAS meeting have asked how to get copies of the spectacular movies that Daniel Baker (University of Colorado, Boulder) showed during Monday's Kavli Foundation Lecture, "New Results About the Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts." Dr. Baker and his team have his presentation and movies available for download as a 231-megabyte ZIP file.