Working Group on Accessibility and Disability (WGAD)

WGAD Presentations and Documents

Here we will post presentation/poster slides, annual reports, publications, and press coverage. We provide multiple file formats for accessibility; please let us know if any of the files/formats present any issues or could be provided in a better format to meet your needs!


Women in Astronomy IV Universal Design panel slides (.pptx)(.pdf)
AAS 230 Poster (.pdf) (.pptx) (iPoster)
AAS 229 Poster (.pdf) (.pptx) (YouTube audio narrated poster)
AAS 231 Talk -- Status of the Workforce (.pptx)
AAS 231 Talk -- Publication Access Forum (.pptx)
AAS 231 Poster (.pdf)
AAS 235 Town Hall slides (Google slides)

WGAD annual reports

2019-2020 Annual Report (Coming soon!) (.pdf) (.docx)
2018-2019 Annual Report (.pdf) (.docx)
2017-2018 Annual Report (.pdf) (.docx)
2016-2017 Annual Report (.pdf) (.docx)
January-April 2016 Report (.pdf) (.docx)


Astro2020 APC White Paper: Accessible Astronomy: Policies, Practices, and Strategies to Increase Participation of Astronomers with Disabilities (Full paper posted to the arXiv; covered by AstroBites)

Access Resources

Universal Design resources

CU Office for Accessible Technology: Creating accessible MS Word docs  and Powerpoints

Some classroom universal design tips are in our Women In Astronomy presentation (.pptx) (.pdf)

Making engagement with you and your work accessible

Website accessibility tips, CU Boulder Disability Services Office

WebAIM: making your website screen reader accessible

Adobe: Creating accessible PDFs and PDF accessibility checker (included with Acrobat)

Verify your figures use colorblind accessible palettes with Color Oracle

MS Office accessibility checker built into Office suite software

Blogs to follow*:

  1. Access Astronomy  Astronomers post about their experiences, share access news, talks, and resources.
  2. Autistic Hoya  Lydia X. Z. Brown posts about disability justice, ableism, and advocacy.
  3. Ramp Your Voice! Vilissa Thompson writes about self-advocacy for PWD and being a disabled woman of color.
  4. Crip the Vote  Alice Wong, Andrew Pulrang, and Gregg Beratan write about politics and policy impacts for PWD.

*Blogs are not affiliated with WGAD or the AAS.

People/consultancies/access providers WGAD is a fan of:

  1. Knowbility 
  2. Texas Closed Captioning

WGAD thanks you for your help in making astronomy more accessible!!

AAS organizational cross-posts on climate and accessibility

1. AAS Climate Site Visit Oversight Committee. Recent document releases approved by the AAS Board: Best Practices for an Inclusive Climate and Climate Site Visit Manual